Chilimani Garden School

Chilimani School Garden

In this 2015/2016 growing season it is only Chilimani School which has participated in the school garden farming. The school has grown one acres of maize, one acre of groundnuts and half of an acre of soya beans. Members of the community who are responsible of managing the garden have since applied basal fertilizer and ab   out to apply top dressing fertilizer in due course. The crop stand looks promising despite the poor rainfall patterns the area is experiencing due to the effects of the weather change.

The School Management Committee Chairman receiving seeds.

The three schools namely Chankhokwe, Mwalawatongole and Wozi which participated in the school garden farming last year have started feeding their pupils with porridge in their schools in this month of January. Mother group members are responsible for preparation of the food. This feeding program will be done up to a time when the food finishes depending on the number of bags each school harvested.


Mr. Maluza tasting porridge before pupils takes their turn at Mwalawatongole School.